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About Us

We Take Pride In Perfection

Aircraft Painting is in founder John Mosley’s blood. A love of painting and a passion for quality refinish work sparked his interest of opening his own aircraft painting facility.

John owning & operating a bodyshop for automobiles since ’79 gave him the idea of opening a facility that mixed two of his favorite things. Aircraft & Painting and then Hangar 360 Services was born.

A breakthrough in nano ceramic technology

John finding a real love for painting aircraft soon developed his own line of Ceramic Coatings. He has tried everything on the market, and nothing held up to his expectation. After claiming they work on airplanes and clearly being stripped off the airplane after a few hundred miles of flight time. John sought out chemists with extensive experience in polymers, resins, and ceramics. Together, they formulated a superior coating with revolutionary nano-ceramic technology. Relentless testing and a drive for perfection led John and his team to develop a product that is changing everything we know about ceramic coatings and sealants.

The Avenger was born. A revolutionary two-part activated nano-ceramic coating that when mixed in equal amounts, creates a chemical bond that latches onto any surface. Metal or plastic, glossy or matte, The Avenger rescues and protects against water, oil, heat, UV rays, chemicals and harsh weather.

Offering Ultimate Protection

We know you want to fly your planes and not just look at them. Your plane is meant to be enjoyed. We offer a ceramic coating for your plane to help preserve your paint, prevent any damage done by bugs and other natural chemicals found in rain and the atmosphere. We went to work with a scientist to bring a state of the art Ceramic Coating. If you would like to learn more about our Ceramic Coating and it’s numerous uses on planes & automobiles. Take a look at our Ceramic Coating website:

You’ll love the results. Guaranteed.

As our company grows, we promise to never sell a product we don’t believe in. If a product doesn’t perform, it won’t be in our line-up. We back our commitment to quality with a money-back guarantee. Thank you for trusting us and trying our products. You’re sure to love the results.