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Your Final Approach

To A Perfect Aircraft Finish

John Bell Williams Airport Raymond, Mississippi, USA
Located at KJVW

About Us

We Take Pride In Perfection

We have been in this industry since ’79. While having a passion for what we do at the body shop, we also love to fly. Myself (John) and my son Daniel have over 4,000 hours of flight time as pilots. We are also both certified formation pilots. 

Our love for aircraft painting stemmed from working at the body shop. We love airplanes, and we love body work. We thought, why not combine the two? So we painted our own plane and were asked right after if we would give the AeroShell Aerobatic team a hand with theirs. After the work was done we had several other companies lining up. Our experience ranges from Warbirds to corporate-style jets. We would love the chance to work on your aircraft. Whether it needs a full repaint or touch-ups, we will be with you every step of the way.

Why Choose Us

Operating since '79

We have been in the auto body shop business for over 40 years. We believe in our products and systems from years of experience in the collision industry. For years we’ve put that experience to work into learning and understanding everything there is to know about the refinishing of aircraft.

We are Pilots

We aren't your typical auto body shop trying to paint aircraft. John & Daniel Mosley have over 4,000 flight hours and have numerous certifications as Pilots. Our love for all things flying has stemmed from owning several warbirds and working with the best like the Aeroshell Aerobatic Team.


We know people have thousands of hours in constructing or restoring aircraft as well as the GA owners that want their pride and joy returned to like new condition. This new facility is trusted nationwide and can handle anything from corporate jets, twins, singles, down to experimental and light sport aircraft.

Book With Us Today

Painting your aircraft & bringing it back to operational standards is usually a 3-5 week process. We rebalance all the control surfaces before returning your aircraft to you. We advise filling out the form and providing the information to us via the message box.

We will call you with a follow up to go over any concerns and scheduling a date to have it in for service. 

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An important message

After the passing of John Mosley, husband, father, and president of
Hangar 360 Aircraft Services, and John’s 360 coatings … the family
wants to thank each and every customer, and friend of the family, for
their prayers & support.

John was beloved and loving man. He loved military aircraft and was
a topnotch pilot as well. He was loved and respected in the aviation
world, especially in the WW2 military aircraft.

He shared his aviation passion with his son Daniel Mosley who will
be continuing Johns mission of outstanding aircraft refinishing as
well as Johns 360 aircraft coatings.

The family wants you to know Hanger 360 Services will continue
building on John’s legacy and philosophy.

Daniel says, we all miss him dearly and the best way to pay tribute
to him is to continue his mission of bringing military and general
aviation aircraft finishes back to better than new condition.

If you’re looking for an aviation refinishing company, look no further
than this wonderful company John Mosley built.

Again… thank you for your prayers & support at this difficult time.

Visit us anytime or call Daniel Mosley direct at 601-842-2993